About Us

Our committee has been formed to include broad representation from members of our department, including Dr. Sanjay Mahant as Chair of this committee, Dr. Annie Huang (Co-Chair), Associate Chair of Research, Dr. Suzan Williams, Fellowship Program Director, Dr. Simon Ling, Staff Physician, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Dr. Prakesh Shah, our TASHN partner/Paediatrician-in-Chief for Sinai Health, Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz, Staff Physician, Paediatric Emergency Medicine, and Catherine Lim Shue who provides program committee support and manages the awards database.


What we do

Our committee has created a database of awards that are relevant to our Paediatrics faculty and these awards are highlighted in our bulletins.  In addition, for awards that require nomination by the Chair, our committee sends out a request for nominations, followed by an adjudication process to be able to recommend to the Chair who should be nominated for the award.

We are currently populating our database to include subspecialty awards.  If you have any subspecialty awards that could be added to our database, please get in touch with us at arc.paediatrics@sickkids.ca.

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