Paediatric Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (PUGMEC)


To graduate students with a holistic approach to the practice of medicine including an understanding and approach to the unique aspects of the care of children in the context of their family and community, developmental progress and any childhood illness.


We are committed to inspiring and challenging our students to:

  • learn the fundamentals and diversity of paediatric medicine, including common and important clinical presentations and diseases and an initial approach to their management
  • demonstrate compassion and flexibility in their clinical encounters
  • appreciate the differences between adult and paediatric medicine
  • identify opportunities for advocacy for vulnerable populations
  • develop their skills in critical appraisal and self-reflection
  • apply book learning to bedside practice in observed patient encounters 

We will support our students in these efforts by:

  • role-modelling interactions with patients and families
  • observing and practicing skills with students, providing supportive and critical feedback, and promoting reflection in practice
  • fostering enthusiasm and excitement for paediatrics
  • mentoring for optimal professional and personal experiences and planning
  • ongoing review and development of a longitudinal, integrated paediatrics curriculum in medical school
  • innovation in medical education with expanded clinical, education and research opportunities within paediatrics


  • Provide diverse learning opportunities
  • Inspire and Mentor our students
  • Teach fundamentals