Awards and Recognition Resources

Awards and Recognition 

Awards are meant to recognize the outstanding and impactful achievement and contributions through prizes and funding, certificates, ceremonies and public announcements.  Our committee strives to strategically promote our talented faculty through facilitated nomination for local, national and international awards including research, education, clinical care, leadership, professionalism, and advocacy excellence.


What is an Award Dossier?

An award dossier is a professional document that summarizes your experience and abilities, and is an integrated summary of your philosophy, approach, accomplishments and effectiveness through a curated assembly of evidence.  Your award dossier may be tailored specifically to the award to which you applying for.

For example, when preparing a research award dossier, a strong dossier may include the following components:

  • 1-sentence proposed citation
  • 250-word summary of achievement nd impact
  • 3-page detailed narrative of research achievements
  • Annotated list of top 15 publications or comparable scholarly outputs
  • Well-formatted CV

This model can be adapted for clinical-educator, academic-clinician and/or clinician-leader job profiles.

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Resources and Useful Links

Clinical, Education, Research and Departmental Awards in Paediatrics
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Tips and resources to support nominees, nominators, academic administrators and staff in identifying opportunities, developing nominations, and managing award nomination processes for faculty members.