Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The Associate Chair, Dr. Indra Narang is responsible for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programs and initiatives in the Department of Paediatrics.

We recognize the need to ensure that administrative leadership, faculty, residents, students and staff represent the diverse communities we serve.

Our Team

Dr. Indra Narang (Pronouns: She/Her)
Associate Chair, Faculty Development and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Victoria Moreno (Pronouns: She/Her)
Program Coordinator, Faculty Development and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Anna Hossain (Pronouns: She/Her)
Program Lead, Faculty Development and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Coffee Connections

Chats and Connections is an informal virtual space to connect, share ideas and provide support to one another in an informal setting. There is no agenda, simply grab your coffee/tea and sign in to the Coffee Chats Teams group to connect. Coffee Chat is offered on a monthly basis.


Allyship Workshops

Title: Unlocking the Power of Allyship

Train the Trainer

EDI Champion Network

The overall aim of this program is to develop local leadership in EDI. Building capacity and deepening knowledge within a set of individuals who have self-identified as interested and keen to advance a culture of EDI at SickKids.

EDI Champions


Dr. Krishna Anchala
Dr. Barbara Cifra
Dr. Nomazulu Dlamini
Dr. Elizabeth Donner
Dr. Ryan Giroux
Dr. Justin Lam
Dr. Karen Leslie
Dr. Lianne Mclean
Dr. Conall Morgan
Dr. Indra Narang
Dr. Vicky Ng
Dr. Damien Noone
Dr. Seetha Radhakrishnan
Dr. Sharon Smile
Dr. Lynn Spiegel
Dr. Shazeen Suleman
Dr. Alia Sunderji
Dr. Emily Tam
Dr. Christopher Tomlinson
Dr. Shirley Tse

The Role of the EDI Champion is to:

  • Be a role model, embracing and embodying the principles of EDI
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of EDI, specifically as a strategic priority and advocate for EDI best practices
  • Educate colleagues on EDI related issues and facilitate Allyship Workshops
  • Promote and embed EDI best practices within local work context in partnership with local leaders
  • Engage in dialogue and conversations, facilitating all voices to be heard and valued at the local level
  • Promote EDI related learning opportunities and events encouraging colleague to attend and engage
  • Advocate for cultural awareness and competency fostering intercultural communication and collaborations
  • Support local colleagues to learn, grow and access resources in relation to EDI issues
  • Attend EDI Champion Network meetings as able

Process for Inclusive Recruiting:

Coming Soon


Program Coordinator

Victoria Moreno

Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 228905

E-mail: victoria.moreno@sickkids.ca